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Into The Blue

from €100.00

Big Blue and coasts is a photography collection of pictures featuring underwater images and photographs from coastlines. These ecosystems are teeming with life and are every photographer’s dream. Photographing there has endless opportunities. You can snap bald eagles mid-air or photograph sharks while scuba diving. Especially the last part is new to me.


I started underwater photography during the pandemic, and I bought myself a cheap underwater rig. Unfortunately, I sank it during my first journey to the Red Sea. After five years of diving in cold and murky Austrian lakes, I decided to to a Red Sea Liveaboard. Undoubtedly this was one of the best decisions because we saw sharks, manta rays, dolphins and many more for the first time. For me, underwater photography is my new favourite.


Most of the big blue and coasts pictures are from my journeys through Egypt and La Reunion.