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End of the Tunnel

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Cities and urban jungles is a photography collection of pictures featuring encounters of wildlife and humans. It ranges from zoos in big cities to leopards roaming suburban Mumbai. As our space increases, the habitats of wild animals are shrinking. There are more and more wildlife encounters in people’s backyards. The COVID-19 pandemic is a result of these growing encounters.


When I bought my first camera and telephoto lens, I trained my skills in the zoo of Vienna. The animals were sitting still, and I was able to play with all the settings. One time in Hagenbeck’s zoo in Hamburg, I visited the ice world. The water of the walrus was murky blue. Sometimes you could see a shadow swimming by us. I positioned myself and told my friend to get close to the glass. Suddenly a shadow appeared, and the walrus just stared at her. It was an extraordinary moment.


Most of the cities and urban jungles pictures are from visits to zoos worldwide.