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a giraffe with its calf in etosha nationalpark

Giraffe Family

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Deserts is a photography collection of pictures from all kind of deserts on this planet. These ecosystems are ranging from hot and dry salt pans to ice-cold tundras. At the first glimpse, they seem empty, but the longer you look, the more you find. Animals in this scruff environment are perfect adapted to their surroundings.


Early mornings and evenings are my favourite time to explore deserts. When we were in Nambia, we had a guide showing us the wonders of the Namib desert, the oldest one on our planet. Suddenly he stopped and dug a hole in the sand. With a quick movement, he scooped a tiny white spider out of the ground. It was stunning how well he knew his home.


Most of the deserts pictures are from my journeys through southern Africa.