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Since my 10th dive, I have had a camera on me. At first, it was an old GoPro Hero 4. After a few upgrades and more than 120 dives later, I finally bought myself an Isotta underwater housing for my Nikon Z6II. For me, the underwater world is magical, an unknown place. It is not our habitat. Our bodies aren’t very well adapted for long times under the surface. We cannot dive very deep or hold our breath for more than a few minutes. Scuba diving gives us humans a little window into this hidden world. The reason I dive is simple: I want to experience it. Moreover, I want to share my fascination with you. That’s why I have a camera with me all the time. So I can share these bizarre and amazing creatures, which are roaming under the surface.

Below you are going to find my best underwater videos. Maybe there are some best-of videos from recent journeys or just short clips from stunning encounters. I hope you share this fascination with me and enjoy my underwater videos.

Daedalus & Fury Shoals – Red Sea 2022

In May this year, we boarded the Blue Storm. One week liveaboard was ahead of us. I just bought my new Isotta underwater housing for my new Nikon Z6II. No testing of the gear beforehand, so what could go wrong! The first dive was a reality check for me. The camera rig is way too heavy and negative buoyant. I could get some foam floats from other photographers on board, and it became better. During the next few dives, we had some amazing lighting conditions and stunning marine life. On the first day at the Daedalus reef, we had some shy encounters with hammerhead sharks and manta rays, but it was just the beginning, as we learned the next day. At one time, 4-5 hammerheads surrounded me before vanishing into the vast blue of the red sea. In the afternoon the mantas came to the surface to feed, and our small group had them all by ourselves. It was magical.

After filling two 256GB memory cards, we set sail to Fury Shoals. The sea was rough and the wind quite strong, so the night was extremely shaky. The weather good wasn’t very happy with us (maybe someone didn’t finish their meal), and the strong winds stayed. Unfortunately, this scared away the dolphins from Sataya bay. Nevertheless, the dives in Fury Shoals were stunning. We had loads of turtles, green and hawksbill, and lots of different nudibranchs. I couldn’t have wished for a better start with my new underwater rig.

After the last two dives in Marsa Shona (no dugong for us), the liveaboard was at its end. I was happy with my new camera and the things we saw. I am looking forward to next year and more adventures. Below is a short video about this trip!